We Ranked How Each Zodiac Sign Would React To A Huge Natural Disaster

Extreme weather events seem to be the norm these days. Due to climate change, there is no denying extreme hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and high temperatures are occurring around the globe. And thanks to the fear mongering that goes on in the media, a lot of us feel like there will be this kind of global catastrophe any day now.

There are some people who go above and beyond in preparing for an unconfirmed future threat, the so-called doomsday preppers. And even though the majority of us are not well prepared in the case of some catastrophic weather event, we all think about how we would fare in a survival situation like that. Let’s be honest, most of us probably largely over estimate how well we would actually do in doomsday circumstances, even though our lives would depend on it. Well, we can give you an idea of how you would do, based on your astrological sign!


Astrology and horoscopes can reveal a lot about a person, including traits that would translate well in an emergency situation such as a hurricane or flood. Our zodiac signs also explains to us a person’s weaker traits that could potentially hold them down. From this article, you can get an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are, which might help you to potentially save your life and the lives of others. With time, you might also consider strategies on how to minimize your weaker characteristics. Of course, some signs are going to react better in tougher situations than others. After all, in the case of a global weather catastrophe, only the strong will survive. Is your sign one of them?


Here’s the zodiac signs ranked worst to best in a huge natural disaster:


14. Pisces – The Generous Scaredy-Cat


Pisces are very gentle, sweet souls. They get along with most people because they are so friendly, and they have very compassionate dispositions that make them appealing to people. They would be a great source of comfort in a scary situation like a natural disaster, but don’t expect them to be the brave ones. Because of their soft nature, they are very fearful, and because of this, they’re really not good at handling intensely negative situations. They will offer you what they have, but they will not be the ones risking their neck to save a life. In their day to day life, they enjoy an escape from reality, so if they were to find themselves in the scary context of a natural disaster, they would not be the most helpful because they would be too busy disassociating from the situation.


13. Libra – The Balanced One That Will Keep The Peace


Just like their symbol (the scales) implies, Libras are well balanced individuals who are all about harmony and fairness. This is a great trait to have in a high stress situation that will invariably cause people to act out because of fear. They will be the diplomat and keep everyone working together. Although they will not be the physically strongest or most agile in this case, like their fellow air symbol Gemini, they will be the brains in the situation. Because of they peaceful nature, they shy away from confrontations and may not stand up and or fend for themselves even if their lives did depend on it. They can be easily be dominated by stronger signs and taken advantage of, so here is hoping they only come across people willing to help during a natural disaster. Libras hate being alone, which is good because their best bet during a natural disaster is to have stronger signs around them, like a Leo or Aries.


12. Cancer – Will Nurture The People Around Them


Otherwise known as the brave crab, Cancer is a complicated sign. They can be very emotionally guarded and difficult to get to know, but once you do, they are very loyal. Once they have their mind set to something, like surviving a natural disaster, they are extremely persistent and tenacious in that endeavour. They are also very protective, so their loved ones safety will be a major priority for them. As water symbol, if the natural disaster is something like a flood, they may find themselves more comfortable dealing with the situation at hand then signs born under fire or earth. In fact, they are very empathetic, so they will probably be trying to be a hero to everyone around them. Because they are so emotional, they will be a good listener to people who need to vent about the experience. They are very willing to put themselves at risk to help others. Their biggest issue is probably their moodiness, which they have little control of. The only thing is, an emergency survival situation is not the time to get crabby.


11. Capricorn – The Practical Manager

Capricorns are very methodical and responsible. This means that even if the natural disaster was not predicted ahead of time, they will have prepped for an emergency situation like this anyways. They are very responsible, so they will have covered all the bases of what is important to have in the case of a natural disaster. They can be very controlling though and sometimes unwilling to listen to outside input, which could be a detriment in a chaotic context. They are good at managing situations and will try to take charge, especially if they are the one holding all the supplies. And because Capricorns always expect the worst, they will be well stocked for supplies. They won’t be great at keeping your spirits up, but they will keep you fed.

10. Aquarius – The Charitable Hero

Aquarius will be more worried about everyone else before themselves during a natural disaster. They will share any and all supplies they have, being one of the most charitable signs. They are humanitarians at heart that really want to help people, so in a situation like this where lots of people will need saving, you can bet an Aquarius will be doing everything they can to save whoever they come across. The biggest obstacle they will probably face is the fact that they will constantly be around people during a time like this. Yet, there isn’t a lot of opportunities for alone time, which an Aquarius needs. This will inevitable bring out their more temperamental side. Hey, no-one is perfect! You would still do well to be an Aquarius or come across one during a natural disaster.

9. Virgo – Will Be The Planner

Virgo are probably one of the most well prepared signs in the case of natural disaster. Their analytical nature means they do not leave many things up to chance, and if they can prepare for it they will. They will most likely have stockpiled food and water for a situation like this. They are also very hardworking and practical, traits that will serve them well in a disaster situation. Whether it is figuring out the best course of action to take, or just rebuilding your life again Virgo’s have the right tenacity for it. Virgo’s can be very critical which really would not serve any purpose in an already horrible situation when the only thing people want is solutions. Sometimes they are too hardworking, so if they are in a disaster situation they should be mindful they are not pushing themselves too hard because if they collapse they will not be able to help anyone.

8. Sagittarius – Will Keep You Laughing & Hopeful

These goofballs will be great at cheering you up in a situation like this. Sometimes, the best thing in the world is a good laugh, and Sagittarius will keep ’em coming all day. Their idealistic and optimistic nature will also help to keep people hopeful even if the situation gets very dark. They are good motivators that are also brave, which is a good combination because they will do something first instead of just telling others to do it. However, their blunt nature may not make them the best team companions in a situation like this, where keeping your mouth shut is better than starting up more trouble than everyone is willing to deal with. They can’t help themselves; there can be a category 5 hurricane coming your way, and they will still tell you about something you do that annoys them instead of just letting it go. They’re great for a comedic break but not so great for keeping the peace.

7. Taurus – Will Be Doing All The Physical Work & Keeping Calm

The Taurus sign is an Earth sign. This means the traits associated with it are being grounded, patient, strong, and responsible. These are positive traits that would help greatly in a natural disaster situation. Being able to keep calm in an emergency situation is the best thing you can do because panic usually leads to dire consequences. Taurus are also good at working with their hands, so if it was situation where rebuilding needed to be done in a very primitive way, Taurus signs would flourish. The issues that Taurus signs would struggle with in this kind of situation is all the upheaval. They are not great with change and would have to adapt quickly to their world being turned upside down. They are also incredibly stubborn, so they may do themselves more harm then good. For example, they may refuse to evacuate even if all the signs are there that they should. Overall though, Taurus is a strong and stable sign that is able to take care of themselves and others if the situation calls for it. And if the weather event was so bad that society as we know it collapsed, well, the Taurus sign loves nature, so they’ll be fine.

6. Leo – Will Take Charge

Leos have some of the strongest personalities you can encounter. They are very confident and charming, so they are usually very popular, which naturally puts them in leadership positions. Like their animal counterparts, the lion, Leos are known for their strength and willingness to protect the pride (their close family members). In an emergency situation, they would be able to step up to the plate and lead people to safety and/or to rebuilding. They will be good at keeping morale up and motivating people to keep going. Their weaker traits, such as being self-centered, arrogant, and lazy could prove to be difficult ones to work with in such a tense situation. They tend to always think they are right, which is not good in a situation where co-operation is key. As long as the Leo is able to be keep those characteristics in check, they have very beneficial elements to bring to the table in life or death situations.

5. Gemini – Will Keep People’s Spirits Up

Geminis, the twins, are primarily associated with a duality of spirit and personality within one person. As an air symbol, they are very intellectual and usually rooted in some kind of deep thought. While a natural disaster situation definitely calls for physical strength and brawn, don’t discount the intelligent Gemini just yet. They learn very quickly and are extremely adaptable, which are key traits in an emergency survival situation. They would do well in a planning role where the work is more abstract rather than physical, in the aftermath of a disaster. Since they’re so affectionate and social, they will do well at keeping other people’s spirits up. Geminis tend to be very nervous, which would obviously be exasperated in the kind of situation we are talking about, so that trait could be a problem. Ultimately, their passion for adventure will serve them well because the most positive thing you can label a huge weather event is as an adventure.

4. Scorpio – The Problem Solver That Will Protect You

Scorpio, oh, Scorpio—a polarizing sign to say the least. Their positive traits make them one of the best signs to handle a natural disaster. They are one of the best leaders in the zodiac. Their brave, resourceful, confident, intelligent, and they are good at keeping calm. They will fiercely protect their loved ones, and while being one of the more violent signs, they will do what it takes. If things take a turn for the worse, this could be a good trait to have. As we all know, natural disasters bring out looters, so being able to protect yourself and your own comes in handy. They are also great at problem solving, which is key in a situation like this where you might have to get out of a tight spot. Have we convinced you yet of how well Scorpios would do in this situation? They were basically made for it! Although, they can be conniving and selfish, so if you are not in their immediate group, a Scorpio won’t bother with you. They might actually just take your stuff!

3. Aries – The Bravest Of Them All

If you are not an Aries, the powerful ram is who you want with you in the case of a natural disaster. They are likely not scared of anything, so you will see these guys doing a lot of extreme physical activity to maintain the adrenaline high in their day to day life. This translates into being brave enough to do stuff other people are not willing to do in emergency situations. They are a fire sign, which gives them their strength and ability to bravely push forward while getting rid of anything that is in their path. Fearless in the face of obstacles, their short temper is their greatest weakness, so they need to be mindful of that, and not let the silly things distract them. Their tenacity and bravery are a winning combination for survival.

2. Aries Are Determined To Win

And in the case of a natural disaster, winning means surviving. Aries have so much zest for life that you can bet they will not go without a big fight. They have an amazing amount of energy that will work well for them in this case, since they will be able to push forward tirelessly. They are ruthless when they want to get something done, and their strength, energy, and fierceness will lead them to achieving it. They are the personification of “just keep going”, which is an indispensable attitude to have in a seemingly hopeless situation. Combine their mental fortitude with their natural inclination towards physical challenges, and they have pretty good chances in a natural disaster. It can be hard to remain motivated to keep going when everything has been destroyed around you, but if anyone can do it, it’s an Aries.

1. The Ram Will Come Out On Top

As you have obviously deduced by now, some signs are going to do much better in a natural disaster than others. The best case scenario would be to have a group of different signs together so everyone balances the other out. But if you had to pick a team of signs to get you through a natural disaster, Aries are definitely at the top of the list. It is the first sign in the zodiac, which may be why it is such a fearless natural leader. It has been leading the way in astrology for a long time. These fighters will look at a natural disaster as a challenge that they must overcome, and their lack of fear and indispensable energy will allow them to do so. While others will be crippled with fear and hopelessness, the courageous ram will fight on.

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