10 Exotic Locations From ‘Game Of Thrones’ That Should Definitely Be On Your Bucket List


A world that is mystical yet real and invites you to be a part of it. Yes, we are talking about the enticing locations of the Game of Thrones. Now that the 7th season is out, we cannot wait to witness the magic of this saga. By now, all of you must have thought about the filming locations of this series. Since, all of the previous seasons were shot at some amazing places, we expect the same kind of enchantment from this season too.


Although, we have wondered a lot about where these fascinating scenes have been shot, it’s quite difficult to find out the names of these places. Fret not, we have solved the mystery for you and narrowed down the locations that were lucky to be featured in this cinematic journey. Spread across Ireland and Spain, it’s high time you make an exclusive vacation out of these exceptional locations. We bet after reading about these places, you will want to add them to your bucket list.


Gaztelugatxe — Bermeo, Basque Country


It’s pretty evident now why HBO picked up this location. With serene surrounding and a picturesque chapel on top of it, there couldn’t have been a better place to depict the beauty of Spain.


2 Malpartida — Cáceres


Imagine this to be a part of the latest season. It gives us chills to even think about watching this location on screen, minus the truck of course. A little town in Spain, it’s away from the chaotic city and now we know why the directors picked this location.


3 Zafra Castle — Guadalajara


A story that is incomplete without these majestic castles in it and what better place to find it in than Spain. Also known as the Tower of Joy, this place is all geared up to make a comeback in the latest season.


4 Cáceres — Extremadura


Declared a World Heritage City, Cáceres has a unique blend of Roman and Gothic architecture. It’s actually safe to say that the new battle scenes are going to be shot here with much more intensity. Not just this, the Castle of Trujillo is also set to make an appearance in the 7th season.

5 Itzurun — Basque Country

Can you imagine witnessing something so magical? Located in the heart of Basque Country, Itzurun is yet another wonderful backdrop used in this season. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to spot the rolling hills and quaint villages where various scenes were shot.

6 Seville Royal Dockyards — Seville

Spooky and mysterious, this place is surely going to leave you spellbound while watching the latest season. Making a perfect Game of Thrones backdrop, these dockyards are believed to be constructed in the 13th century.

7 Los Barruecos — Extremadura

These rock formations of Los Barruecos are just a few miles away from the magical town of Cáceres. A perfect escape to the world of Westeros, don’t you just want to hop on the next flight and capture this eternal beauty in your hearts forever?

8 Svínafellsjökull — Iceland

Winter is coming and how! The location has already featured in the previous seasons and is ready to appear again. Not much, we just hope Jon Snow is going to win our hearts all over again with this majestic scenery in the background.

9 Croatia — Balkans

Also known as the mainstay of the Game of Thrones universe, Croatia is a beautiful destination with ancient cities and mesmerising seasides. When in Croatia, don’t forget to wonder about the exceptional GoT scenes shot here.

10 Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park — Iceland

Just outside of Reykjavik, this place depicts history in a fantastic way. Featuring in the 7th season this year, this place is one-of-a-kind as it’s a meeting point of the North American and European tectonic plates.

Did you recognize any of these majestic locations from the show? Let us know how big of a fan you are in the comments, by revealing the answers!

By Shaivi Tyagi | FilterCopy