Built almost entirely of bamboo, this is one of the world’s most sustainable and spiritual hotels

As one of the world’s most unique hotels, Bambu Indah offers an entirely novel approach to luxury, boutique accommodations. There are currently 5 “guest pavilions” on the property, each invoking a sense of peace, calm, and serenity. In lieu of landscaped lawns, you’ll find vegetable beds, ceremonial plants, and natural swimming ponds.

Conceived by John and Cynthia Hardy, Bambu Indah is located in Bali and it’s an absolute must-visit:


Pragmatism, rather than any particular design vision, governed Bambu Indah’s early development. The couple began snapping up inexpensive Javanese teak wedding houses, built more than a century ago, and transporting them to the island. “In a very short period of time we had three or four gladaks and placed them randomly on the new land,” says Cynthia. “There was no name for it and there was no organization, they were just cute little huts where we put a few guests who we asked to leave $20 a night in tips for the staff who would take care of them.”

Adding to this sensation of sybaritic escape, the Hardys decorated the hotel with pieces acquired on their many exotic voyages. Among the treasures are traditional Persian carpets, crystal geodes discovered in South America, African furniture, and ikats and cotton throws and bedding from the Indonesian Archipelago. – Read More at Architecture Daily

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