There’s A Meditation Bar In Paris You MUST Check Out!

by Fionnuala McCarthy | LonelyPlanet

A meditation bar has opened in Paris, offering the chance to take 30 minutes to tune out and take time for your mental well-being.

The brainchild of Christine Barois, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who has noted that the brain today is much too busy to cope with the overload of information. She has surrounded herself with psychologists, psychiatrists and experts trained in neuroscience to create this space offering guided meditation sessions.


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The meditation bar in the second arrondissement, offers 30 minute sessions from 8 am right through the day until 7 pm. People can book a session online for five euro and the centre provides lockers for personal belongings (phones must be left out of the meditation room), with participants able to meditate in their everyday clothes.


The centre provides a number of meditation rooms, where you sit in an armchair (no cushions or lying on floors), and are guided through the meditation by one of the therapists. People can take part in specific guided meditation programmes to help combat stress, and the bar also offers courses for teenagers.


According to the website, regular and daily practice of meditation can greatly influence your life: helping you become more concentrated, more efficient, more creative, more serene,and allow you to lead a more satisfying life. Le Figaro noted that the bar offers nothing to eat or drink, it’s sole purpose is to nourish only the mind.