This Bioluminescent Kayak Tour Takes You To Another World

Or at least, that’s exactly what it feels like when you float over the enchanting blue and green lights flickering in the water.

Florida is home to 1 of only 6 places in the world where you can do this sort of thing. The bioluminescent kayak tour takes place on the Banana River or Indian River, and both are the perfect spot for night-viewing due to low light pollution.

What are those lights?

The fascinating and other-worldly orbs that are seen during these kinds of night tours, are dinoflagellates (plankton) and comb jellies.

The times between June and November are the best for viewing dinoflagellates. In the early days of summer the bioluminescence begins to show, and by the height of summer it shines and sparkles bright when it is stirred with your kayak paddle, hand, or even the myriad of Mullet fish flying around.

And October to March are the preferred times to view comb jellies, which are my personal favourite because they don’t sting. Bioluminescent Comb Jellies are pre-historic sea creatures that have been on the planet for over 500 million years.   As the waters of the Indian River Lagoon cool down, the Comb Jellies move in.  But are they Jelly Fish? No, not really.  They do not sting like their jelly looking cousins the Jelly Fish.  Comb Jellies protect themselves by giving off bioluminescent glow.  They think it will scare any predators that might come their way… just like cavemen used fire at night to keep animals at bay, the jelly lights up at night when touched.

During the full moon phases, the bioluminescence does not appear as brightly as when it is very dark.  However, full moon kayaking is an amazing, mystical experience itself.  Please check out this moon calendar before you decide to go on the tour.

Now all the details:

The tour usually lasts 90 minutes, and costs $55 per person over 8 years old. (Under 8 may not go on the tour.) You are provided with guides, the kayak and paddles, but are asked to bring your own insect repellent (mosquitos are horrible there in spring) and water bottle.

Who’s ready to take a bioluminescent kayak tour? Check out the videos below for more information:

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