Man Knits Sweaters Of Places, Then Visits Those Places Wearing Sweater

He might not look like a hero, but trust me, he is exactly who the world needs right now.

Meet “Sweater Dude.” Okay that’s not his real name, but it fits.

His name is Sam Barksy, and his hobby includes knitting sweaters. But not just ANY sweaters. No, Sam likes to knit sweaters of specific places, and then visit those places, while wearing the sweater he created, of course.

Sam started making the Internet rounds a few days ago, and I admit that I casually glanced at the images, but I didn’t really look at them when they popped up in my feed. When I decided to finally take a few minutes and browse them…oh my goodness. The guy has made SO MANY different sweaters!!!

The photos are endless, but we included some of the best ones here for your enjoyment. Sam has an immense commitment to the craft of knitting, and obviously has his own style (which he rocks)- just check out the sleeveless sweater trend he has started- or probably will be starting. Anything is possible, right?

I wonder how many sweaters he owns in total, and how long it takes him to create one of these wondrous wearables… If you want to see more of Sam’s unusual (but totally awesome) hobby you can follow him on Facebook.

Images via Imgur

Written By Raven Fon