This Cruise Will Last Over 4 Months And Take You To 27 Countries Starting In 2021

If you’re ready for an adventure, why not make the most of it and go for the ultimate experience?

By now, you’re probably feeling a bit isolated and tired of seeing the same stuff day in, day out. Restrictions on this and that, bans on travel, for many of us our world has become a small bubble. And, many people are ready to burst through.

Thankfully, we can look forward to some exciting travel plans in the near future- maybe as early as next year!

If you could go to any country, where would it be? The enchanting hillsides of Italy? The majestic Grecian coastline? India? Singapore? Mexico? Well, you’ll soon be able to travel to all of those, and more, on a cruise that lasts 1/3 of the year.

The Viking World Cruise is scheduled to set sail from Fort Lauderdale, FL, on December 24, 2021, and travel the seas for a whopping 136 days. During its epic voyage, the ship will visit 27 countries and 56 ports, with overnight stays in 11 cities.

Passengers will first cruise down to Mexico and Colombia before crossing the Panama Canal, sailing up the west coast of Central and North America, and then across the Pacific Ocean with a couple of stops in Hawaii before heading to New Zealand, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, and eventually the Mediterranean, before ending in London.

If passengers can’t manage to get 136 days of PTO, they can opt for the slightly shorter 119-day route, called 2022 Viking World Horizons. This trip departs from Los Angeles on January 10, 2022, and stops in 22 countries and 29 ports before ending in London. You can also choose to stay onboard for three additional days, and end your journey in Bergen, Norway, where the company is based.

Passengers will certainly have their plates full with all the destinations they’ll be visiting, but to pass the hours onboard, Viking Cruises will offer lectures and entertainment, including an educational program with experts discussing the history and culture of each destination.

So, you’ll have fun, and learn a thing or two to share with your friends when you return home.

You might be wondering how much this incredible-sounding adventure will cost you. It’s not cheap. Now might be a good time to start a fundraiser.

The cruise accommodates 930 passengers, and tickets start at $49,995 per person. The shorter World Horizons cruise starts at $45,995 per person. If anyone has an extra 50k lying around, this might be the perfect escape from 2020.