This Double Tent Cot Keeps You From Sleeping On The Cold Hard Ground

This is exactly what we’ve been waiting for- the perfect tent.

Going camping is always fun, and the best part of it has to be sleeping in a tent. Though sleeping outdoors has a lot of thrill to it, it’s not always the most convenient for people to sleep on the cold hard ground. Yes, the tents do ensure a certain degree of protection, but what if you could camp outdoors and enjoy the wild, untamed experience but also sleep in a cozy and comfortable place?

The elevated sleeping platform is very convenient and will ensure that snakes, rodents and any other interruptions don’t ruin your peaceful sleeping experience during your camping trips.

Made by Kamp-Rite, they say “Kamp-Rite’s Double Tent Cot is the two-person version in the line of Tent Cot products. The sturdy aluminum frame keeps you 11” above the ground to provide comfort and protection from insects, rocks and dampness.”

It sturdily hovers over the ground using the legs attached to the bed. It’s more or less a sofa bed that extends out of a couch, but you can now use this for all future camping trips and guarantee a comfortable sleep after many hours of trekking. OddityMall reported that it comes in several different varieties like Single, Double, and Compact.

With its unique hinge design, you can easily convert it into a lounge chair or an elevated bed in tent form. The durable aluminum frame keeps you 11 inches above the ground to make you feel at ease throughout the night. Plus, the tent is made of 190 TPU nylon fabric, a waterproof yet breathable material to give you comfort, protection, and privacy while you sleep. It has zippered openings on both ends to allow easy entry and exit. And its mesh windows allow air to pass through while keeping bugs out. Moreover, the mesh windows have zippered closures to give you a fully-enclosed tent.

The manufacturer of the tent cot describes the product: The Original Tent Cot is Kamp-Rite’s innovative, multi-functional advance in off-the-ground camping gear. The fully, self-contained Tent Cot creates a private sleep shelter that stands 11” above the ground to provide comfort and protection from rocks, insects, and dampness. The sturdy cot base eliminates the uncomfortable cross bars typically found with standard sleeping cots.”

“Set up can be done quickly, easily and alone, making it an ideal solution for both solo and group outings. Extremely versatile, the unique hinge design enables the Tent Cot to be converted to a lounge chair for day-time relaxation, or a standard style cot for sleeping under the stars or inside a larger, family-style tent. Two zippered polyester and mesh entry doors allow easy access, while the zippered polyester and mesh openings at each end provide additional airflow in warm weather.”

Who else is ready for the perfect camping experience?