These Succulent Plants Look Like Glistening Opals And We Want One

If you want to bring a little bling into your home, and also love plants, you will fall in love with these Opal Succulents.

Recently, succulent  plants have become increasingly popular. Likely due to their simplicity and beauty, and they are super easy to take care of. Even beginner Green-Thumbs can ensure a successful bloom and a long life of their plants when using succulents. They require little water, moderate temperatures, and various levels of sunlight- so their adaptability makes them difficult to kill.

One of the most beautiful succulents we’ve come across are these, which resemble the illuminating gem, the opal.

The scientific name for these lovely little plants is Haworthia cooperi, but we prefer their common name of Opal Succulent.

Interestingly, they can be found in their native environment of South Africa, but many people have made them available online throughout the world. So, even if you aren’t anywhere near the Southern Hemisphere, no need to stress, Amazon, eBay, and a plethora of other seed or plant nurseries could help you to find what you’re looking for.

It has particularly bulbous, fleshy leaves and thin skin lined with light veins. It is usually a blue-green but will turn reddish in too much sun or extended drought. The leaves are translucent to let sunlight irradiate the leaf interior, and this gives the plant a juicy, bubble-like appearance. Stress from drought or direct sun can induce a coppery flushing.

Haworthia are able to tolerate low, indoor light, making them excellent houseplants, even for beginners. They are particularly easy to grow and rarely affected by common succulent pests and diseases. Strong, drought-tolerant roots will grow if they have great drainage and infrequent water. Pick deep containers with drainage holes and a gritty, well-draining soil that is 50% to 70% mineral grit (coarse sand, pumice, or perlite). Water deeply enough for water to run out the drainage hole and allow the soil to completely dry before watering again.

Here are some of the most beautiful photos of these Opal Succulents, we hope you enjoy!

Photo by: K.k. Agrawal



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Aren’t they just amazing?

Depending on how much water they receive, and the amount of sunlight, these succulents can appear in various shades and colours.

image by littleleafgarden

image by littleleafgarden

image by littleleafgarden

We would fill our entire home with these if we had enough room!

Aren’t they simply gorgeous?

Do you have a favourite type of succulent? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to get plenty of sunlight and drink lots of water- you’re basically a plant too.