All Of These Affordable Homes Can Be Purchased On Amazon

In case you needed proof that the tiny home trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon, Amazon now sells an array of modest dwellings online — all for doorstep delivery. Although some are simply upcycled shipping containers, others are log cabin-style abodes that require assembly once the materials are delivered. Each and every one would make an ideal weekend getaway or vacation destination for anyone who’s a fan of small-space living. Ahead, see (and shop, if you so please) some of our favorite teeny-tiny homes on Amazon.

1 Allwood Garden House

This tiny home could also be an ideal home office with 146 – 180 square feet of living area. Offers contemporary urban styling, suitable for environments where the classic cabin style does not fit. Also has large windows which allow for an abundance of natural light.

Price: $7,590

2 Tiny Home: Park Model RV

Tiny homes are perfect for weekend getaways, vacation cottages or everyday living. This model, The Cozumel, is 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, and 399 square feet. Includes covered front porch, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and stylish bathroom. The open-concept floorplan and ample storage space make this feel larger than you’d expect. Although not as affordable as other options in this list, it is still about 1/3 the cost of an average house on the market these days.

Price: $64,900

3 Allwood Eagle Point Cabin

This gorgeous cabin features beautiful high ceilings and lots of space you wouldn’t expect to find in such a home. 1,108 square feet between two floors, 712 square feet downstairs and 396 square feet upstairs. You will have to assemble this yourself, but the easy tongue and groove application makes it a breeze. All windows are laminated and foundation timbers are treated for long life.

Price: $46,900

4 Container Home

These container units come with a full kitchen which includes a stainless steel refrigerator, sink, and faucet, two-burner stove top, and granite countertops. Seriously, how can you beat that? Well maybe by not having to build anything- that’s right, these come ready to move in. 360 square feet of living space is plenty when you have it all set up for you.

Price: $35,950

5 Allwood Cabin Lillevilla Escape

The cool thing about this cabin is that the roof extends far enough to make covered terrace, which helps keep you cool in the summer. With only 113 square feet, you have to be pretty creative with the space. One of the more affordable options, this is something everyone could enjoy.

Price: $4,990

Well, what do you think of these tiny homes? Pretty great, right? We thought these 5 were some of the best out there, but we saved one final home for last because it is our overall top favourite. Here we go!

Expandable Container House With Solar Energy

Obviously this wins our choice because of the solar option and beautiful appearance. Also, with 800 square feet, it’s spacious too! The house itself is expandable and easy to move if need be. Everything fits into its own place and this is an affordable option for everyone who wants their own tiny home. It’s easy to assemble and has clear instructions to help you.

Price: $24,000