These Travel Bloggers Visited More Than 50 Countries And Spent Only $8 A Day

It’s not easy to become a travel blogger even though it’s a very exciting job. You have to make sure that you document all of the things that made your trip memorable, along with finding the right budget to make yourself experience as many things as possible. Two pairs of travel bloggers from Poland managed to visit more than 50 countries – for only $8 a day!


According to Daily Mail, Karol Lewandowski and Aleksandra Slusarczyk are a couple who decided to fulfill their wanderlust dreams by traveling through a van in around five continents.



The travel bloggers have gone to more than 50 countries and only spent around $8 a day. They started their epic journey in 2010. What was their secret? The source cited that the travel bloggers didn’t stay in hotels. Instead, they asked help from their sponsors or friendly strangers from around the globe.



The couple would only buy the cheapest items in supermarkets to sustain themselves. They named their project “Busem Przez Swiat” which means “bus around the world” in English.



The travel bloggers have visited Australia, the United States, Mexico, Morocco, and other European countries. They have more than 90,000 miles on their record and with it, lots of fascinating memories that they gathered from the trip.



Both of them have visited a kangaroo orphanage in Australia and swam in an Iceland hot spring while the temperature was zero degrees outside. Along the way, they got engaged (sweet!) and slept under the stars of Sahara Desert.

They have also toured an abandoned city in Ukraine, went whale-watching in New Zealand, and visited the colorful casinos of Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Unfortunately, they also had their fair share of negative experiences. The travel bloggers cited that someone stole their luggage in Spain, had their van nearly stolen in Italy, and was almost kidnapped in Mexico.

The source said:

“In Australia, a breakdown left them stranded in the outback with no mobile reception and little water. And they were arrested and eventually released in Gibraltar, where police grew suspicious of the van and thought they were drug dealers.”

The couple said their daily spending rate would reach around $8 a day or around $56 weekly. Most of it would be spent on fuel for their van. Lewandowski shared:

“We share fuel costs. We travel slowly and often stay in one place for a few days, so we save on fuel. We do not pay for accommodation because we sleep in the van or in tents – on beaches, cliffs, mountains.”

“Often, strangers invite us to their homes. Poles living abroad often help us. The food we buy in supermarkets and we eat what we cook – we do not pay for restaurants.”

“For example, in Australia we ate kangaroo steaks because it was the cheapest meat. When the car breaks down we repair it because during the trip we have learned how to do this.”

“And when we need mechanics’ help, they very often do not take money from us because they are impressed with our trip and want to help us and be a part of our adventure.”

He continued that there were always people who helped decrease their spending fees.

According to Lewandowski:

“We sometimes have sponsors when we have to spend a lot of money on something. For example, the transport of the van across the ocean to Australia and the US. Sponsors paid for it in exchange for their advertising on the van.”

The travel bloggers said that they were purely motivated to journey across the continents due to an “inner need” they felt in themselves.

They plan to hit the whole of South America next.

What do you think about this adventurous couple? Do you also want to travel around the world like these travel bloggers? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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