8 Signs You Have a Guardian Angel Nearby

Life can sometimes be difficult—and heartbreaking. In times of trouble, we turn to our loved ones for comfort, but who do you seek when it feels that no one else is there for you even you friends or family? Life challenges are difficult to overcome all by yourself so fortunately enough, guardian angels are always at our sides.


Was there ever a time that you felt a strange presence near or beside you? A lot of people experience this at some point in their lives, but most of us just tend to overlook or ignore it. Nonetheless, feeling a strange presence of an angel or spiritual being is among the most common signs that a guardian angel is nearby.


There are also several other clear signs that indicate the presence of guardian angels in our lives.


8 signs your guardian angel is nearby:

1. Feather

Finding a feather in strange locations is one of the sure indications that a guardian angel is close by. Guardian angels want us to know that they are just near, so they leave behind feathers for us to find especially during difficult times.


2. Beautiful cloud formations

Do you ever find yourself looking up into the bright sky and noticing a strange yet beautiful cloud formation? Our guardian angels sometimes communicate with us through clouds. Seeing clouds that look like angel wings, hearts, or flowers are common signs an angel is nearby.


3. Realizing safety

Realizing you could have been in some danger or a bumpy situation but for some reason, or very fortunate circumstance, you missed it only means it could have been because of angel intervention.


4. A rainbow with or without rain

The formation of rainbows (or prisms) with or without rain is another clear indicator that your guardian angel is trying to brighten up our day. An unexplainable rainbow is a sure sign you are being watched over.


5. Pets and babies notice

Have you ever witnessed a dog, cat, or baby that seem to be staring at something you can’t see? This is a rather mysterious phenomenon may be linked to having a guardian angel nearby. Many spiritual experts consider children, babies, and even animals to be more sensitive to the presence of angels or spiritual beings.


6. Seeing beauty in nature

Everyone goes through tough times at times and our guardian angels know our struggles and efforts to overcome our adversity. This is why they show up or make their presence felt when we need it the most. Our guardian angels sometimes help us notice these beautiful little things in life. This includes flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs. It also includes seeing heart formations or angel wing formations and the like when out in nature.


Our angels often place these beautiful sights right before our very eyes.


7. Unexpected help

Angels also do everything they can to help make our loads easier. This includes sending us aid during hardships or financial struggles, or just about whenever we are in deep need. If you sometimes find yourself wondering how you can pay your bills but then find a solution right in front of you, that’s probably your guardian angel helping you.

Sometimes our guardian angels don’t just help us in terms of financial abundance to help us survive; at times they also assist us with our health.

8. Feeling their presence

As earlier mentioned, feeling the presence of a spiritual being is amongst the most common signs that a guardian angel is nearby. (Perhaps feeling them wrapping you under their wings to give you comfort?) At times, their gestures are only subtle but surely, our guardian angels will do everything they can to comfort us and make us happy. They want you to know that they are present.

Have you felt your guardian angel nearby? Do any of these signs appear for you in your regular life? Keep on the lookout for these 8 signs that you have a guardian angel nearby.

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