The Pluto In Scorpio Generation (aka Millennials)

 The last time this cosmic generation took place was 1735 – 1747.

Were you born between the years 1983 to 1995? If you were, this means that you belong to the Pluto in Scorpio generation, also known as Millennials! This relates to the positioning of the planets in relation to the zodiacs, and like all aspects of astrology, it plays a significant role in your personality and daily life.

The placement is easily identified in each generation’s art and pop culture. The Leo in Pluto generation (boomers) were self-involved and dramatic. The Virgo in Pluto generation (hippies) were covered in earth and love. The Libra generation (X-ers) was a materialistic make-out fest. Now young adults we welcome the Pluto in Scorpio generation. They’ve been reborn multiple times thus far. Now they’re ready to take on the world.

constellation-scorpioThe Millennial generation are totally tarot kids, palm readers, dark lord worshiping, FML or 666 snap back hat wearing, tatted up, pleasure seeking, drug loving, escapism craving pits of darkness and regeneration. They’ve redone themselves every few years since they were kids and they thrive in times of chaos. They crave esoteric lingo. They resurrected the New Age movement after it died in the early 80s.

Labor Movement And An Organized College Walkout Add Support To Occupy Wall Street ProtestMillennial’s ooze of free spirited desire, yet the majority completely reject defining themselves as hippies. They are genuinely comfortable with death, destruction, and rapid change. They love zombies, magic, Harry Potter, and vampires. They laugh in the face of pop culture and propaganda doesn’t make them flinch. They are the occupy movement. They ask questions and restructure old frames. They’re the graffiti artists, film makers, tattoo whores, revolutionaries, and social media moguls of a lifetime. Find them wearing black, with a cold yet intense gaze, describing their rising sign in detail. They love playing Xbox. The first wave was the EMO movement. A post-goth hair revolution. Now we are elbows deep in their shadow. An entire generation throwing stale traditions to the wind.illfashion  When this generation isn’t tripping on mushrooms or molly they’re busy hating on yippies, yuppies, and corporate America. Daria is their older sister and roll model. They entrance themselves with music, seeking a full experience. For this reason they make up the majority of the dubstep, house, and hiphop fan-base. When they party, they party. Feed them pizza but expect time before they’ll trust you. Who do you work for? What are your motives? Expect to be interrogated. Their favorite jokes are about death. They looove horror movies. They’ll use their powerful energy to (re)build empires, expose dark corners, and assess the monetary system. They give religion the middle finger and instead opt to follow their desire for taboo. They’re having less children, paying bills late, and refurbishing blighted neighborhoods. They prefer holistic health care but have a fondness and tendency for substance abuse.

Ya_alimSo this generation, although they terrify their grandparents, are here to envision the post-apocalyptic world. They’re drawing out the secrets.. Exposing the propaganda. They’re sticking it to the man. Leave it to them to rebuild the structure of the United States and ban GMO’s worldwide. They run social media and know how to get information into the correct hands. Have I mentioned there are lots of them?

age-pyramidMillennials are a powerful group of individuals who have been demonized into slackers and burnouts. As children they were bored. As adolescents they terrorized their parents. But as adults they will change the world. They thrive in the energetically toxic world we live in. Don’t assume they are lazy, they are just resting after rebuilding.

16805_463954303667304_150324587_nThese are the energy Alchemists the Earth needs. Cheers to these people, born with Pluto in Scorpio. The world needs you.

Via Astrosync

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