Which Path Is Yours? The Healer, Mystic, or Shaman?

Did you know that if you are destined to become a mystic, healer or shaman, then your darkest moments and greatest challenges are often spiritual tools used by your soul to awaken you.

Although our soul is like a beautiful loving star radiating an exquisite light, the moment we take up residence in a physical body, we find ourselves in a reality that consists of light and dark, life and death, fear and love. This contrast allows us to experience the variety that exists here, so that we get to choose what we want to focus on, and from that focus we get to express ourselves as that which we choose to be.

Say if you want to experience yourself as the light, then that is not an easy thing to do when you are surrounded by light. But the moment you are surrounded by darkness then your inner light can become like a star that lights up the midnight sky. The key is to remember that you are still the light, even if everything else around you seems dark.

So although we all have to experience intense emotional pain and inner turmoil, no one really teaches us how we can move through these darker periods of our lives. The personal development community says “just change your attitude”, the pharmaceutical industry says “we have a pill for that”, and often our loved ones freak out when they see us low and lacking in enthusiasm.

And how do we deal with it ourselves?

Often by avoiding the feelings as much as possible, so we distract ourselves by working more, watching TV, drinking, gossiping, escaping into a fantasy world, or even finding smaller problems we can focus on so we don’t have to deal with the real underlying issue that is trying to get our attention.

So why is it then that we go through these periods of feeling low? And why do some of these periods escalate into utter darkness? Is it really something ‘wrong’ with us when we experience this darkness, or is it instead like a metaphor for how the night is always the darkest just before the dawn breaks?

Well the good news is that there is nothing wrong with us, and often this darkness is like a calling card from our soul, urging us to awaken and expand our consciousness.

To find out which path you are currently on, read the following three descriptions and see which one you resonate with the most.

The journey of a shaman

A shaman is someone who can journey into the deepest darkness and up into the brightest light, so she can journey into the darkest, most hidden regions of your psyche, to help transform that darkness into light, connecting you with the divine source and your soul again.

The shaman cannot make this journey unless she first has done it herself, so if you are destined to become a shaman, whether you ever work with it or not, you will go through periods of intense darkness, psychic pain and real inner turmoil, and through that pain there will come a moment when you finally surrender to the divine. And in that sweet moment of surrendering the light is able to shine through – the light that guides you forward on a path that helps you to awaken further and connect more fully with your soul. But until you surrender, it will feel as if the darkness is eating you alive.

The journey of a mystic

A mystic goes through a similar journey, where it can feel as if she is falling into a huge, black hole of overwhelming darkness – the famous dark night of the soul experience – which is more like a dark night of the ego, as it is all the expectations and dreams from the ego that now shatter, where you might end up feeling as if you have no clue what the purpose is anymore. You feel totally lost and broken. Then, as the pain becomes almost unbearable, you finally fall to your knees and pray for help and guidance. And in that moment of surrendering the divine source within you can finally come through, and you are reborn. But until you surrender, it will feel as if the world is out to crucify you.

The journey of the healer

The path of the healer is similar, but here you often experience some deep trauma in your life, something that is just too much for you to cope with, and you end up being deeply wounded. As you heal this wound, you are taken on a healing path, which teaches you the medicine you will later share with others. But before you start your healing journey, you may be stuck in a victim mentality, where you feel there is nothing you can do to change how you feel. If only other people would understand you better, society would change, or those that hurt you would apologise, then all would be fine. In these scenarios you give your power away, causing you to feel helpless. Eventually the emotional pain is just too much, so you finally decide to take your power back and stop blaming others.

Or it may be that your inner emotional pain has created an illness, and this illness is the catalyst that sets you off on your healing journey. And once you start healing, you realise that the illness, or the inner pain, was never the problem you thought it was, but a messenger sent from your soul to help you awaken.