Synchronicity Happens for a Reason — There are no Coincidences

Have you stumbled upon an old friend? Seeing someone doing the same thing or speaking the same words as you? Or maybe experienced an accident? 

Are you thinking ‘Oh! What a coincidence!’ or ‘I could skip accidents like this…’ Well, you shouldn’t, because every single coincidence brings a message to you. In fact, there are no coincidences and accidents — there’s only synchronicity, and everything happens for a reason.

Revealing Synchronicity — The Science Behind Coincidence

The truth is, everything in our life is linked. From the past, to the present and future — every single coincidence or accident we stumble upon is linked. No matter how small or big a movement is, it is all about synchronicity.

Whether you feel like you are having a perfect day and everything goes smoothly, or experience a bad period in which ‘a lot of coincidences happen,’ the universe is sending you a message.

People and things happening in an exact moment is nothing but synchronicity and, fortunately, there is a way to accept it.

Do you know the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”?

That is exactly how synchronicity is explained. Whenever you are synchronized with something you truly want, you are more likely to meet that thing, which is why similar people meet ‘accidentally’.

The thing is, they are tuned in to the exact same frequency, and synchronicity does its best to match them.

Yes, There Is A Way To Create Synchronicity

Now that you understand how the spiritual sync works, it’s time to tell you that…


‘How on Earth do I do that?’, you may be asking yourself.

Well, synchronicity works best for people who believe it to be true. So, for starters, you should believe in it and stop saying that every event is an accident or a coincidence.

The thing is, if you are saying this, you are sending a weak spiritual signal to the universe, opposed to the strong signal it sends you with syncing everything around you.

With understanding synchronicity and seeing things not as an ordinary, but a committed person, you are able to connect more deeply with your inner sync, and actually don’t work hard to make the things you want happen. Instead, you will just believe in them and let them happen, without any force whatsoever.

So, let’s face it…

Synchronicity is just like a mirror and whatever you commit to and believe in, will reflect back to you.

That being said, if you agree with the law of syncing, you will be able to connect deeply and send strong messages on a spiritual level. Aside from this, you will be a better person, more confident and committed towards every action you bring.

In a nutshell, understanding synchronicity translates to establishing harmony in everything that you seek — and being ‘consciously aware’ of everything happening around you.

Turning The Tide – And See Chances Work For You instead Of Against You

If you have ever heard of the Murphy’s Law and believe in it, you are on a good way to understanding synchronicity. Yes, it’s a common fact that when something goes wrong, it may just continue going wrong over time.

The idea behind this is that synchronicity can also work against you. However, if you expect bad things to happen and continue believing in the Murphy’s Law, you are syncing with your inner negativity.

The Science Behind The Chance Meeting — Not A ‘Coincidence’

Bumped into someone somewhere? Thinking it’s a coincidence, luck or chance? The real answer in this ‘accident’ is the science of chance meeting.

Moreover, it is the reason for something to happen. There is always a reason and a connection to see someone and experience something. Coincidence is only an illusion.

Our past, present and future are all linked. And although we may not understand everything that happens to us, there is always a reason — and that reason becomes apparent at some point in time.

A Final Word

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have the eyes to see.” — Carl Jung

You can start notice synchronicities with people, numbers, events etc. Remember to accept synchronicity in its real form, as a way of spiritual and universal intelligence constantly trying to teach us, reach us and share love, support and guidance.

Learn to be open to synchronicity and start living a meaningful life!

By Helen E. Williams, Dreamcatcher Reality | Featured image source

About the author: Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are: spirituality, meditation and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥

3 thoughts on “Synchronicity Happens for a Reason — There are no Coincidences

  • March 7, 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Reoccurring dreams throughout life, about places I have never been & people I have never met, that ends up becoming reality at some point later in life. I know these are synchronicities or the result of strong intuition. I think it could be of past life experience, reoccurring past life experiences, or future?? Missed synchronicities that will eventual come full around, or connecting synchronicites. I know we recognize souls, and I believe there is a certain level to which we have connected with certain past souls; such as twin souls/soulmates. I know our souls do recognize other souls & the universe tells us. not always connecting. I have seen photographs of people I have never met and felt a strong connection or become emotional if that certain soul has passed. I have read Jung’s theories and writings on subject. Any further feedback is greatly appreciated. I am always learning & reading.

  • March 7, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Synchronistic events happen to each of us all the time. Most are of a minor sort and we do not notice them. Once you are aware of their reality and start looking for them they will be noticed more frequently. treat them as signposts and try to learn from them.

    Another phenomenon to watch for is experiencing moments when reality becomes more real than normal. Everything around you becomes more vibrant and full of life. You may feel like you are in a special place. Actually, you are. Stop and take the time then to feel the world around you. The world is not something apart from you. It is all interconnected and on rare occasions we can be reminded of this.

  • February 25, 2016 at 4:30 am

    This is a very nice article. Thank you for sharing.

    another way to say it is:

    “If we are alert, with minds and eyes open; we will see very real purposes
    in situations which we might otherwise call ‘Chance’.
    — Roland Bach, from the dedication to “Nothing By Chance” by Richard Bach

    Blessings, Wes

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